• A company specific cleaning and maintenance program.

  • Comprehensive cleaning program designed to reduce cross contamination.

  • Ongoing quality control program that includes inspections, reporting, and performance tracking.

  • Uniformed cleaning professionals.

  • Properly trained cleaning professionals on procedures, safety and security.

  • Cost effective cleaning program.

  • Quality cleaning products and eco-friendly cleaning solutions and agents.

Our Promise

  • Deliver the quality service that our clients expect. 

  •  Excellent customer service from our staff and management team. 

  • Timely responses to inquires and issues.

  •  No excuses.  We will deliver 100% customer satisfaction.




  • A company specific cleaning program will deliver on each client needs. 

  • Reduce employee illness and absence due to lack of a low standard cleaning process.

  • Real-time technology based software and tracking system ensures customers needs are addressed immediately.

  • Proper training and supervision of employees increases productivity and the effectiveness of the cleaning program. 

  • Employees trained to identify and immediately report any maintenance issues that could result in additional expenses or maintenance issues for our client. 

  • An adequately pricing cleaning program brings positive results. 

  • Proper chemical allocation and maintenance will enhance and increase the life cycle of your facility. 

  • Good quality products will bring the results our clients expect.